Sunday, April 5, 2015

A favorite holiday recipe

By Hobo Hudson

My dear friends and readers: In honor of our holy holiday, I would like to share with you my favorite holiday recipe. I call it Peanut Stuffed Squirrel. It’s quick and easy to prepare.

Simply fill a large paper grocery bag about half full with large raw peanuts then walk outside and give the bag a few vigorous shakes.

You will soon see squirrels appearing from all the oak trees from blocks around, and they will come scurrying toward the sound of the peanuts being shaken. Just begin throwing peanuts to them until they are so stuffed they can’t move.

At this point, you should pick them up by their tails and place them in a shady place until they recover enough to walk off. This will prevent them becoming sunburned or dehydrated.

That’s all there is to it. You didn’t think I was going to cook them, did you? Heck, I’d never hurt a squirrel friend and they deserve a delicious holiday lunch too.



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