Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meet my new associate

By Hobo Hudson

Some of you may know that I have been considering hiring an associate since Lily and I got married. Between having to constantly supervise Dad, farming, barking stories to Mom and spending a lot of computer time on the bone market, it seems I don’t have much time to spend with Lily. You don’t want to know what troubles Dad got us into while I was gone on our honeymoon and the few weekend trips with Lily I’ve been able to squeeze in.

Anyway, an interesting resume came in Thursday night and, since I had a full plate Friday, I instructed Mom and Dad to be at C.A.R.E., our local animal shelter, when they opened Friday to give me their opinion about the guy. Mom called me gushing about how much she loved him so I instructed her to put in an adoption application subject to my approval.

C.A.R.E. called in the evening and said I could have him if I wanted him (foregone conclusion). The three of us were at C.A.R.E.’s door when they opened Saturday, and I gave the guy a real grilling. He answered all my questions satisfactorily, and I hired him on the spot.

The guy’s name is Wylie. This photo looks a lot like Max, but Wylie is a terrier mix just like me and is very laid-back—maybe a bit too much because you have to be really tough with Dad when he gets one of his ideas in his head.

Wylie is 6 years old and has only had one job in his life. He was hired by an elderly lady as a companion and has spent the past six years at that job but was recently laid off when she had to move and couldn’t take him with her.

Needless to say, he is a bit traumatized but seems to have recovered pretty well over the past 24 hours in my employment. I just have to give him clearer instructions and supervise him closely for a little while until he gets his confidence back.

One example was when I wanted a treat and told him to get behind Dad and help me push him into the kitchen, but Wylie misunderstood my order and jumped on Dad’s front as though he wanted Dad to pet him. Another time, Dad was sitting down and Wylie told me he wished he could sit in Dad’s lap but was afraid to ask. I told him to just walk over and jump up without asking, but the guy just put his front paws on Dad’s leg and froze, and Dad had to pick him up. This morning, he did the same thing but jumped up when Dad patted his lap. Later, he just walked over and jumped up without asking. It shows he is gaining his confidence.

My only concern so far is that he hasn’t barked a peep since he’s been here. I hope nothing is wrong with his barker because a big part of his new job is being a house guard, and a guard just can’t do his job without barking. We’ll know in a few days.


About Hobo

This was Hobo Hudson, my doggy brother, a little terrier mix with black fur. He became famous after his first attempt at writing stories, which was an article published in the newsletter of our local animal shelter, the same shelter in which I ended up years later before Hobo and his parents adopted me. Hobo’s fame quickly spread as he made a name for himself as a business dog and an adventurer. To keep his memory alive, my doggy sister, my three kitty siblings and I, Wylie Hudson, are continuing his blog. Our mom, the blog’s editor, is publishing a Hobo Hudson adventure in sequences. Click on: Foreign Business Affairs, and enjoy a different kind of pet story that combines suspense, lightheartedness and quirk.

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