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Thursday, April 30, 2015

One year in my new home

By Wylie Hudson

I celebrated my first year in my new home last Sunday. For breakfast, I had a gourmet cookie—of course Hobo demanded one, too, one that I could have eaten—and Mom cooked a steak with french fries for supper—that was Hobo’s idea. As a present, I received a stuffed lamb. Even though I played with it quite a while, and Mom and I had a good tug of war with it, it held up and did not need surgery afterward. Of course, Dad was very generous with treats all day long.

The last year has been a great year for me, with lots of new experiences and adventures, and Hobo has taught me many things. Barking was one of them. I’m still not a hundred percent there, but once in a while, when it’s important, I’m able to emit a really loud bark.

In the beginning, though, I missed sleeping in bed with my mom, but my new mom made it clear from day one that I have to sleep in my own bed. It really isn’t that bad. I have a soft, big bed where I can stretch out in all directions, and to be frank, jumping up on Mom’s bed would give me a little bit of trouble, now that I’ve gained some weight.

Something else I missed during the first year in my new home was the monthly visit to the beauty parlor. Mom does my bathing, and she does it in the backyard with a water hose. It was quite a demotion, but I found out it’s fun having Mom do the work, soaping me up, rubbing me down and drying me off with a hairdryer. Once in a while, I roll around in some good-smelling stuff in the yard just to make Mom give me a bath.

So, everything is working out OK. I’m a very happy dog, and I’m sure glad Hobo came to C.A.R.E., our local animal shelter, to hire me as his right paw.





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