Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My book, Mom’s book

By Hobo Hudson

The book about my life and my adventures is now available for sale, and I’m sure it will make the bestseller list. I don’t know if I should call it my book or my mom’s book because we already have a disagreement about it and are trying to settle it without legal counsel. The focal point of our dispute is my share of the profit in steaks.

Not matter what the outcome will be, the book The Richest Dog in Town is waiting for your order at amazon.com. To order, click here. It’s also available on Kindle.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The peanut man

By Hobo Hudson

It looks like Dad is becoming famous in our neighborhood. I walked out on my sun deck early this morning and saw that Charlene was hosting an early morning get-together for some of the squirrel moms with little ones.

Charlene and the moms were sitting on her table daintily nibbling on peanuts from a large bowl in the center of her table while the baby squirrels were sitting in a circle at their feet. When I listened closely, I could hear them singing the following song:                          

Oh, do you know the peanut man,
The peanut man, the peanut man,
Oh, do you know the peanut man,
That lives in Hobo’s house?
Oh, yes, I know the peanut man,
The peanut man, the peanut man,
Oh, yes, I know the peanut man,
That lives in Hobo’s house.

I felt proud at first just knowing that Dad is becoming famous for throwing peanuts to the squirrels but then, I thought, why is Dad getting all the credit? After all, it was my idea to give the squirrels the peanuts in the beginning, and they should be singing about me and not about Dad.

I guess it’s all right though. Dad is a hard worker when I tell him what to do, so I guess it’s OK if he has a little credit now and then.


About Hobo

This was Hobo Hudson, my doggy brother, a little terrier mix with black fur. He became famous after his first attempt at writing stories, which was an article published in the newsletter of our local animal shelter, the same shelter in which I ended up years later before Hobo and his parents adopted me. Hobo’s fame quickly spread as he made a name for himself as a business dog and an adventurer. To keep his memory alive, my three kitty siblings and I, Wylie Hudson, are continuing his blog. Our mom, the blog’s editor, is publishing a Hobo Hudson adventure in sequences on her website at: newsandtales.com

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