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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I won the big fight

By Hobo Hudson

Dad and I stopped at our Home Depot this morning to pick up a few things and, when we got in line to pay, the lady over at the self serve line came over to get us. I told her real fast that we’re not going to scan, pay and bag it ourselves unless we get a discount and she promised us she would do it all for us.

After she scanned it, she took our money and fed it into a slot, handed us the change and then bagged it for us. I noticed she kept looking from me to a photo taped to her counter and I naturally peeked to see what it was. Would you believe it? She had a photo of ME taped there. It wasn’t very good—more like a police mug shot or something but you could tell it was me all right.

I wonder if they took it the last time we were in. That time, Dad picked up a whole basket full of little pvc pipe fittings and got pulled into the self service line. That time, the lady scanned it and showed Dad where to get his change and where the bags were. I naturally reminded her that she had told us she would do it all for us and, if she wasn’t going to do it, we wanted our money back and we would go through a full service line.
She refused and told us we would have to take everything to the refund desk and start shopping all over so I just told Dad to put each separate item into a separate bag to carry over and then I kept barking and creating a big fuss about it.

After the poor lady at the refund desk had removed all the items from all the bags and scanned them, it was 4l cents short of the amount Dad had paid so I made her void the credit, check all the bags and rescan. Still 41 cents short. By then, the manager had come over to see what all the fuss was about. He ended up just handing Dad the 41 cents and we merrily proceeded to go back and select more fittings and pay through the regular line. Heck, if there isn’t a discount for doing all the work for them, why should we go through a self service line?


GINNYBUG said...

This is Max,, You know.. your next door neighbor.. Sigh!! My Pappa tells how wonderful it was when he took my predecessor, that would be my cousin Ladybug, into Home Depot.. As the story goes, as my Pappa would be checking out the lumber, she would sit quietly, doing her nails and fluffing up her Long Black Ears,(you know how picky those St. Poodles are, Foo here, Foo there) making sure that her perky pink bows were standing up so as to draw peoples attention, many of them stopping to say how Beautiful she was and how well behaved and such good manners they would add. SIGH!!!
I just haven't figured out how I can talk my Pappa into taking me into that store. I have heard wonderful things about it and look at all their ads.. SIGH!! Yes, I do read!!
After reading your story on your adventure to HD, I drew my Pappa's attention to it and added that maybe, just maybe, I could help him get discounts also. He said he would sleep on that idea and get back with me. So far he is still "sleeping on it" and I have been waiting very patiently by his truck, in hopes that soon he will be making that trip and I will be able to be of some assistance in checking out..
I am handsome, as you well know and a very friendly chap, so in the long run I should be of some service in my Pappa's purchase.
I will let you know when this all happens and in the meantime, I will just continue to read up on "Good Manners of a Golden Cocker Spaniel when taken out into the public"..
(Max is next seen leafing through his Manners Book that has been recently purchased by his Grandma)..



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