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Monday, April 11, 2011

Doggy humor: I’m back

By Hobo Hudson
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello again everybody. It’s sure nice to be back barking with all of you. My old readers who followed the stories I contributed to my mom’s Web page about pets will remember that I used to be a big business dog but had to retire January 1 of last year because Mom’s editors decreed that all her stories had to be factual and local in nature and didn’t believe that my stories were true for some reason.

Oh well, I sure needed a break from dealing with all those cats but now I’m all rested up and ready to tackle another business venture if an opportunity should present itself. Dad retired just before I sold my business, and it’s a full-time job keeping track of him. He’s getting older and a little forgetful so I’m continually reminding him of what I want him to do. He keeps whining that he retired so that he could relax and enjoy himself—not to be my slave—but, hey, what are dads made for if not to satisfy our dogs’ every whim?

Dad is also getting some weird ideas. For example, he read a short article in our newspaper about catnip, used as a tea for hoomans. The story said it acts as a sedative for hoomans and helps them sleep better. He pointed it out to Mom, and she researched it and told him that catnip is also used as a substitute for tobacco. Now, he’s out digging up our whole back yard and says he’s gonna plant the yard with catnip and quit paying the outrageous prices for his pipe tobacco. Mom thinks we’ll probably be overrun by all the neighborhood cats, and she’s probably right.

Dad is also in need of a small amount of remedial training as hoomans seem to have a short memory span in comparison with us dogs. This morning, I followed my usual custom of jumping on his bed and giving Dad a little push to get him moving. When I was sure he was awake, I trotted out of the bedroom to my day bed in the living room for a short snooze while Dad started making the coffee. Since I was more tired than usual, I decided to snooze a little bit longer before getting up for my morning treats. Would you believe it? When I finally dragged myself into the kitchen, that guy wouldn’t stop eating his breakfast to give me my treats. He seems to have forgotten that his sole purpose in life is to cater to my every demand.




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