Sunday, July 30, 2017

Retirement comes with unexpected surprises

By Hobo Hudson


Wow, I had another close call and suffered from a health problem due to old age. It crept up on me like the pancreatitis last year and then made its sudden appearance by giving me nausea. I quit eating from one day to the next. It was a red flag for my parents, and without waiting to see if I got my appetite back, they took me to the vet. A blood test showed that I had kidney failure.

For two days, I spent most of my time at the vet clinic having my kidneys flushed out. Mom took me there early in the morning, and Mom and Dad picked me up late in the afternoon. Even though I received excellent care from the doctor and the staff at the clinic, I hated to stay there and wasted what could have been a productive day at home. Despite being retired from the corporate life, I’m a busy dog and have important things to do.

I am back at home for good and trying to regain my strength. My kidneys are working better again, but the bad part is: I have to follow another diet. Last year, it was a low-fat diet—I loathed it—now, it’s an even more restrictive diet, limited to special canned food for kidney problems. It doesn’t do much for whetting my appetite, but I force myself to cram it down my throat.

To make matters worse, the vet prescribed antibiotics for me to take. All my explaining that I don’t do drugs is like talking to a brick wall, and Dad has been determined to spurt liquid medicine into my mouth. So far, I have let him win our fight twice a day, but I have the feeling by the time the bottle of antibiotics is empty, I’ll be the winner.


Brian said...

Dang, I'm so sorry you are going though that, I know first paw that medicine every day is no fun. We all send you lots of purrs and hugs pal, please keep us updated.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

You got to do what you got to do to stay with us buddy. Growing old is never fun but you have done it with dignity and we are proud of you.


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