Saturday, August 14, 2021

Best friends once again

 By Wylie Hudson

Thomas and Tiger, my kitty brothers, are best friends again. It was not so the evening before yesterday, when a conniving female cat almost destroyed their friendship. 

I even don’t know if the neighbor cat is a girl, but being a male myself, I assume it must be and Thomas and Tiger were wooing her at the same time. They were both sitting on the windowsill behind closed curtains when all of a sudden mayhem broke out. 

Earsplitting screams interrupted our peaceful evening, and a huge ball of fur began rolling around the living room floor, sending blobs of red and gray hair into the air. You couldn’t tell who was Thomas and who was Tiger. It was just one big monster out of control.  

Dodging sharp claws and enduring lots of hissing, Mom finally calmed down a wild Tiger, the most gentle and easygoing kitty, and shooed Thomas away. Then Mom took a peek out of the window. And there she was sitting on the ground, the neighbor cat, looking up and grinning before she turned around and walked off. 

Thomas and Tiger avoided each other for the next 12 hours and then slowly made up. Except from very few minor disagreements, it was their first fight in the seven years since they’ve become brothers and best friends. 


About Hobo

This was Hobo Hudson, my doggy brother, a little terrier mix with black fur. He became famous after his first attempt at writing stories, which was an article published in the newsletter of our local animal shelter, the same shelter in which I ended up years later before Hobo and his parents adopted me. Hobo’s fame quickly spread as he made a name for himself as a business dog and an adventurer. To keep his memory alive, my doggy sister, my three kitty siblings and I, Wylie Hudson, are continuing his blog. Our mom is the blog’s editor.

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