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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Job hunting

Edited by Hobo Hudson
Written by Wylie Hudson

My job hunt began one morning when a strange man rang our door bell and my mom explained to me that she was going to have to move and couldn’t take me with her but this friendly man would help me find a new job with a nice family.

Although heartbroken at the thought of losing my mom, I quickly threw a few treats and my favorite toys into a bag, and we were off on a great adventure.

After driving for perhaps a half hour, we exited the Interstate at a sign that said “Ruskin” and then almost immediately turned south at a sign that said “C.A.R.E.  After driving for perhaps a mile, we turned into a gated hotel with a large grassy area and lots of oaks for shade. The friendly man told me we would stop at the fur salon first where they would give me a good brushing and take my photo for an ad on their various jobs wanted pages.

When they were done with it, I was interviewed by another lady who would write the ads, and she inquired as to what type job I was seeking. Since I had no experience in job hunting, I described my old job and told her I wanted one just like that one. She shook her head and told me jobs like that are very hard to find and I might have to settle for a job with a man in the house or possibly even a job with children to amuse. I told her I would consider such a job but only as a last resort.

After the lady had gathered the information about me, she led me to a comfortable, airy room and told me to make myself at home as the job search unfolded. I distributed my toys and began a conversation with the fellow in the next room. He told me he had been there for a couple of weeks and, although he had had several interviews, he hadn’t had any luck at finding a job yet.  

Suddenly, all the dogs began barking and jumping against the wall of their rooms. I asked my neighbor what was going on, and he replied they thought they saw a couple of prospective employers come in and they were all trying to get their attention.

This seemed highly undignified to me since I had been taught that a good dog should be seen and not heard. Besides, the couple was young and both probably worked all day so I’d either have to stay outside or be forced to amuse myself alone inside all day. I just sat this possibility out. 

This went on for several days, and I began to realize I would have to do something to attract humans’ attention. Since my barker was pretty rusty, I decided my best method of attracting an employer’s attention would be to dance around my room on my rear legs whenever the right person or couple came in. It worked pretty well, and I scored several interviews with people looking for help, but they all decided on younger employees—even puppies.

After a couple of weeks, I was beginning to give up hope of finding the perfect job and was about to decide to take any job offered when an older couple walked in late on Friday evening. I was excited to see the lady glance around the rooms and then point directly at me all the way across the courtyard, and I immediately jumped into my dance routine.

The couple walked straight to me and offered their hands for a paw shake and explained they worked for Hobo Hudson, the famous writer and retired business dog and he had asked them to come by and prescreen me for a possible job.

We adjourned to a private interview area where the man explained that Hobo is 14 and wanting to slow down a little and needed some help. They asked me a series of very pointed questions, and things seemed to be going great until a squirrel ran past my nose, and I just had to jump up and chase it. As soon as I did it, my heart dropped because I just knew I had blown the interview. To my surprise, the couple just laughed it off and dismissed it as doggy high spirits.

The lady then took out her cell phone and called Hobo and gushed about what a wonderful dog I was and that she was sure I was just what Hobo was looking for. After she hung up, she told me that Hobo had authorized her to put in an application subject to his approval the next morning.

This sounded great and I gave them an enthusiastic tail wag which seemed to meet with their approval. They then left after promising to return with Hobo the next morning and went into the office to do the paperwork.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

I am glad you found the perfect employers (or is it employees?)

Jobi Harris said...

Somehow I lost track. Happy to find you here and learning about your job search. Good call on the Dancing act!



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