Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Earthquake Survivors: A Hobo Hudson Adventure

 We are proud to announce that our mom published Hobo’s third book: THE EARTHQUAKE SURVIVORS. It’s a suspense and action filled story that will keep your parents glued to it, and you might have to remind them to feed you.

The book is available at To order it, click here


Brian said...

WOW is that cool, congrats to your Mom. We ordered the Kindle version and we'll be reading it before too long.


About Hobo

This was Hobo Hudson, my doggy brother, a little terrier mix with black fur. He became famous after his first attempt at writing stories, which was an article published in the newsletter of our local animal shelter, the same shelter in which I ended up years later before Hobo and his parents adopted me. Hobo’s fame quickly spread as he made a name for himself as a business dog and an adventurer. To keep his memory alive, my doggy sister, my three kitty siblings and I, Wylie Hudson, are continuing his blog. Our mom is the blog’s editor.

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