Sunday, June 23, 2019

A book review of “Tails From Rainbow Bridge 2: Tributes and Observations”

By Wylie Hudson

Foley Monster, the author of the book Tails From Rainbow Bridge 2: Tributes and Observations, is a judge at Rainbow Bridge, bringing justice and freedom to pets’ immortal lives. Her stories about the afterlife show how every pet either continues a flourishing life or gets a better deal if its mortal life had been a letdown. With help and support from each other, the pets work hard to lessen the pain of pets and humans separated by Rainbow Bridge and to lift their spirits.

I enjoyed reading about the manners, quirks and interests of my friends at Rainbow Bridge, some habits they took over from their mortal lives, others they developed later, and got a kick out of the antics they pulled. Their love and dedication to each other and to their families and friends on the mortal side hold a special place in my heart since we pets are champions for family ties and friendships that last forever and ever. Pets and pet lovers will sense this special bond throughout the book.

Foley Monster took a lot of effort and care to write such a wonderful collection of stories as she kept up with all of her friends’ lives. The book will delight readers and will bring back beautiful memories to those who know pets across Rainbow Bridge.

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Brian said...

Judge Foley always does such a wonderful job and we're sure this book is no exception!


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