Thursday, December 29, 2016

I have a new job

By Hobo Hudson

The extra perks I enjoyed as a well-known business dog were the exclusive meals I shared with friends and business partners. During that time, I developed a taste for fine and rich food and special drinks, and I nurtured it after my retirement from the business world. It gave me energy and made my life in old age so much more enjoyable.   

Then, all hell broke loose. Now, after my first and I hope only bout with pancreatitis, my mom and dad are strictly following my doctor’s orders and have barred me from my beloved high-fat food. In exchange, they put me on a very low-fat diet, and it’s for the birds.

What does my doctor know about what makes me happy and productive? I’m still a working dog, and with four cats inside the house, work never ends. And that led me to a brainstorm and the perfect solution for my troubles.

I took on the job of a janitor. Now, I’m not just any janitor, I’m the dog who cleans up after the cats. But mind you, I don’t touch and tackle their bathrooms. That’s exclusively my mom’s job. I take care of the cats’ dining room. I watch my cat siblings like a hawk when they’re eating their meals and desserts from a room away, and as soon as they’re finished, I come running and do the cleanup. You wouldn’t believe what a mess they leave behind, and I’m always more than eager to make sure there’s not a single crumb of any kibble left on the floor. I’m very meticulous at my new job.

Being a cats’ janitor is very rewarding and fulfilling. I can recommend the job to any of my doggy friends who are on a restrictive diet or want to earn some extra kibbles.



Unknown said...

BOL dear Hobo, what a clever idea. Although I confess to wearing the cat food janitorial hat on occasion as well. I too am on restricted rations. (My Mom and Dogtor think I'm a wee bit overweight)
Love, Molly and my Mom

The Fast and the Furriest

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

If only cats would learn to clean up after themselves. You are rewarded with kibble, which is a good thing, but you should receive a greater reward.

Brian said...

Good for you! I know first paw how messy us kitties can be, so you rock!


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