Monday, December 19, 2016

A surprise visit

By Sabrina Hudson

OMC, how proud I am. I had a visitor at home, someone who just wanted to say hello to me and see how I was doing. Me alone. Something like this has never happened to any of my kitty or doggy siblings.

Let me tell you: Yesterday afternoon, a friend of my parents came by our home and asked if I was available for a visit. I was taking a nap on Dad’s recliner, but when I heard the lady’s voice, I instantly recognized her and jumped down to greet her. She was my guardian angel who fed me when I showed up outside her fenced yard, hungry and homeless, and thus kept me alive. She couldn’t offer me her home because she had dogs who didn’t like cats, but she found an elderly lady next door who agreed to take me in. Unfortunately, the health of my new caretaker deteriorated shortly afterward, making it impossible for her to keep me.

I ended up on the streets again. That was when I met Hobo and Wylie on their daily walks. I knew right away I wanted to move in with them, and they, enamored with me, convinced their parents to adopt me. I tried to follow them home right away, but my future doggy brothers were afraid it was too long a walk for a little kitty like me. They promised me to have someone sent with a pet carrier, pick me up and deliver me to their home.

The person who shoved me into the pet carrier after a fierce struggle was my guardian angel. She’d also packed a bowl of canned food inside the carrier, and the smell instantly calmed me down. By the time I arrived at my new home, I’d eaten all the food, and I was full and happy. Ever since then, I don’t mind the pet carrier, and I’m the only cat in the family who doesn’t make a fuss to go into it when it’s time for a vet consultation.

When my guardian angel visited me yesterday, she couldn’t believe how grown-up and beautiful I am now. Quite a difference from the scrawny little thing she kept alive and helped to find a forever home.


Molly T. said...

OOH my Sabrina what a treat!! Why I've never had hoomans come to visit me either. You are a special kitty! I'm so glad you found a home with Wylie and Hobo. (We hear Hobo is the Richest Dog in Town)so you should never want for kibble.
I feel I must comment on your amazing beauty as well. One would never know you were a scrawny street girl. Hat's off to your pawrents, Hobo and Wylie for finding room in their hearts and home for such a special girl.
Love, Molly and my Mom
(and Merry Christmas to you and your family)

Brian said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting, really exciting! I'm so glad you got to say thank you. My rescue person visited me some 6 years after I was adopted and as soon as I heard her voice I came running. We appreciate those things don't we? Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

That is a beautiful story. There is nothing better than a visit from your guardian angel at Christmas time. You are a brave cat, and you are a charmer too, to get two families to take you in. Have a Merry Christmas.


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