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Thursday, December 15, 2016

A book review of Foley Monster’s book “Tails from Rainbow Bridge”

By Hobo Hudson

My former attorney and very good friend, Ms. Foley Monster, has proved herself a great and compassionate author. Her just published book “Tails from Rainbow Bridge” chronicles the lives of her friends who preceded or followed her crossing of the Rainbow Bridge. It tells about their earthly accomplishments, ventures and antics, about their defiance to heed the call to the afterlife and about their work and play when they finally reached their eternal destiny while Ms. Foley Monster’s own life and feats unroll. 

Having been an attorney who has become a judge at the Rainbow Bridge, Ms. Foley Monster used the acquired proficiency and diligence in writing her book. She took on an enormous task researching her friends’ lives, conducting interviews, arranging the details and putting it all together. And she did an outstanding job.

The book is fantastic, witty and sad, hilarious and mournful, encouraging and forlorn, wise and poignant, honest and wishful, and your paws will turn the pages as the stories about your fellow dogs come to life. It inspires us pets to keep doing what we do best: taking care of our parents in any way we can wherever we are.

The book also shows Ms. Foley Monster’s flair for artwork. The front book cover, as well as the back cover, has a beautiful design and the cutest picture of the author herself.

The book is available at amazon.com


Brian said...

WOW! That does sound good and that's not an easy topic. Thanks for telling us!

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

Thank you so much my wonderful friends. You are too kind. I could never have done it without friends like you, and all those at Rainbow Bridge. I give thanks from the bottom of my Yorkie heart



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