Monday, February 17, 2014

The new cat in town

By Hobo Hudson

I usually don’t get involved in the lives and arguments of my kitty siblings who live on the porch. I’m a busy dog and don’t have time to deal with their fights about petty stuff, like who plays with what toys, who gets what treats or who sleeps in what bed. I spend most of my day making sure Dad is doing his job, taking care of my vegetable garden and earning enough kibbles so that I have a comfortable life. During the rest of the day, I’m working on my new book, dictating paragraph after paragraph to Mom.   

The other day when I finally found time for a good snooze, a loud hissing and screaming coming from the porch woke me from my dreams. I was not happy. Looking out through the glass door windows, I saw a bunch of red and gray fur covering the tiled floor of the living quarters of my kitty siblings. I told Dad to open the sliding door for me, and I stepped out on the porch to find out what the racket and the apparent dispute was all about.

Thomas, my red-haired kitty brother, was sitting on the windowsill, staring outside. Pogo, my gray-colored kitty sister, was standing at the screen door, staring outside as well. I walked over to her from where I could see the sun deck, and I saw a gray, black and white cat of medium size strutting back and forth. I’ve seen it several times in my yard and never paid much attention to it. I thought it belonged to a neighbor and was checking out its territory.

I asked Thomas about the commotion and the torn-out fur, but he didn’t want to tell me. Pogo, still too upset, didn’t enlighten me either. I jumped up on the condo where Rocky, my 20-pound kitty sister, was relaxing, and talked to her. She said she had observed and heard everything but didn’t interfere because it would have been too much work to walk down the ramp from where she was, and she filled me in:

Thomas had invited the new cat in town to move onto the porch with everyone else. He told the cat how much nicer and safer it is to live in an enclosed area and receive food and love from people who care. He said he knew from experience how dangerous, unpredictable and stressful life on the streets is.

Then Pogo piped in, “They’re going to trap you, and then they’ll bring you to a torture facility where they prick you with needles and poke you with whatever they have. You’ll be terrified and marked for life and be sore and miserable for quite some time.”

That was all Thomas could take. He wacked Pogo on the nose telling her what a good life she has compared to her fellow cats who have to roam the neighborhood just to find a bite to eat. He admitted, getting trapped was no fun and he still hates the mere sight of a cage, but at the end, it was worth the trouble. He said he even doesn’t remember what happened to him in the hospital, which he insisted is no torture facility, and he never imagined the great life that he has now.  

Pogo being Pogo needed to have the last word but couldn’t come up with a counter retort and instead pulled a bunch of hair out of Thomas’ neck. They stopped the cat fight when the sliding door opened.

After I heard what happened, I wanted to talk to the cat outside but couldn’t see it any more. It will be interesting to find out if it listens to Thomas and let Mom and Dad catch it to have it fixed or if it got scared off by Pogo’s tirade and tries to find another hangout. 

We’ll see. I’m going to be keeping an eagle eye out for it in my backyard. Maybe I can convince it that Thomas is right.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

This cat looks like a winner to me.


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