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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The latest scam

By Hobo Hudson

WARNING. There are constantly new scams being devised, and my readers should always be on the alert to avoid being taken by unscrupulous critters, hoomans or otherwise.

It pains me to have to report that Dad fell for one of these scams, but it’s true. Dad is pretty cynical, and this is the first one that has gotten by him.

It occurred when Mom and Dad visited Colonial Williamsburg and Dad, being a trifle hungry, bought a sandwich made from a large biscuit which contained cheese and Virginia ham. When he sat down to eat it, a fat squirrel came stumbling up begging for a taste.

Of course, Dad being Dad, broke off a small piece of plain biscuit and threw it to the squirrel. The fellow starting groping around feeling for it but couldn’t seem to get his paw on it. Dad immediately thought the poor guy was blind and couldn’t find it, so he took his pocket knife and cut off a larger piece of the biscuit which contained some cheese and ham, thinking the squirrel’s sense of smell would help him locate it.
At that point, the squirrel immediately tucked both biscuit pieces in his mouth and scurried away leaving Dad feeling like a fool for falling for the ruse.
I am adding the crook’s photo below to prevent others from being taken in by this trick.

If the culprit wishes to prevent further embarrassment, I am willing to remove his photo if he will give back the second piece of biscuit containing the ham and cheese.





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