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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Squirrel lollipops

By Hobo Hudson

Mom and Dad were eating supper, each one gnawing on an ear of corn as if it were truffle or caviar in disguise. Their blissful looks didn’t leave much to my imagination, and after I gobbled down the small chunks of ham, Dad had cut for me, I watched them finish biting off the last kernels. Making sure they swallowed them all right and didn’t choke on them, I asked, “Why do you both eat corn on the cob but feed my former squirrels employees plain corn kernels?”

“Well,” Dad said, wiping off his mouth, “it would be too expensive to feed all your employees part of our food. Just imagine how many ears of corn you would have to buy for all of them. Do you even know how many of your former employees come to your free cafeteria nowadays?”

Dad had a point there. I had gotten in the habit of not even looking at the cafeteria any more so that I don’t get tempted to give my former employees some exercise. While it would be good for them to sprint across the backyard and jump on the fence with me on their heels, I have decided to let them eat in peace and quiet.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun for the squirrels to have a whole ear of corn to nibble at, and I was sure they would love sucking on it like on a lollipop. I was also sure stores would sell whole ears of corn just for squirrels. The next time Dad stocked up on bird and squirrel food at the feed supply store, I went with him and sure enough, I found a bag of ears of corn intended for squirrels and bought it.

Dad put an ear of corn in the little compartment at the end of the bird feeder, and the squirrels fought each other to get the first bite. The bag of ears of corn I bought is more expensive than the bag of plain kernels, but it takes much longer for the squirrels to finish a whole ear. The loose kernels are always gone in a flash, but most of the time, the squirrels knock half of them into the grass and nobody, even the birds, wants to pick up the discarded corn.

Once again, I’m making my former employees happy while I’m on the winning side of the game.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

This seems like a wonderful idea to me. Let's get to work on the patents.



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