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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hobo reviews a book

By Hobo Hudson

Dad had applied for a new library card the other day. While it was still lying unused on the coffee table in the living room, I grabbed it and, with my little red wagon in tow, I dashed off to the library. I wanted to find other kinds of books than Dad and Mom usually read, others than the rough and tough or the mushy ones. I was sure there were some kinds of books around that have more meat to them and were more aimed at the tastes we dogs have.

As I was ambling through the library book aisles, I spotted a picture on a book. OMD, I thought, what a handsome guy. Big and tall, overpowering two people sitting next to him in size, and full of shaggy hair, he seemed to be my kind of dog. I pulled the book out and skimmed through it. There were even more drawings of my new hero inside the book, showing his power and resolve. Without wasting any more time, I checked the book out, tossed it in my little red wagon and hurried back home to read it.

I snuggled with the book in my bed and read it all night, from the beginning to the end. It was just the book I had in mind written for us dogs. Its title is A dog’s Life, and apparently the dog, named Boy, who wrote the book, could not claim authorship—just as it is the case with my book—and had his dad, Peter Mayle, stand in for him.

The book is funny, sophisticated to match the thinking of us dogs and informative as how to live among humans. It’s a terrific story about a dog living in France whose humble upbringing resembles my own—Chapter 1 of my book tells about my early childhood—and who also found a couple who adopted him and allowed him to have a life fit for a king. To find out more about the book A Dog’s Life, click here.




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