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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cats are not exterminators of wildlife

By Hobo Hudson

A recent study by some bird lovers who are also researchers claim that the species my siblings belong to are killers of wildlife. According to the bird lovers’ findings, birds and small mammals more often fall prey to street cats than to any other danger. In other word, cats roaming free are on the loose to destroy wildlife.

This is an affront to any cat and especially to all my former cat employees. I know cats can sometimes act weird and unpredictable and differ a lot from me and my fellow dogs in how they see the world and how they assert their independence, but they are not violent savages.  

While I sure had my share of aggravation with cats when they were working for me, they never gave me the impression or raised any suspicion of being killers, running wild to wipe out a part of nature. I knew that Charlene, my former squirrel entertainer—to find out about her, read my book—was concerned about some of my former employees. Without considering the circumstances, a wrongly advised and unsound strike instigated by my cat sister Blondie who is anything else but a street cat, blaming homeless cats for Charlene’s fear would be preposterous.  

In fact, one of my kitty sisters, Rocky, once took care of a baby owl that had lost its mother. At that time, Rocky was a street cat, hanging out around the home she now lives in. She protected the little owl until Dad saw it and brought it to a bird sanctuary. And Thomas, my kitty brother who used to be a street cat, always alerts Mom when there is a lizard on the porch without hurting it.

On the other hand, I heard Dad tell Mom the other day that when he was outside in the backyard working on my vegetable farm, he took a break watching the birds sitting on the rail of the sun deck digesting their feed. Suddenly, he saw a hawk flying overhead, and before he knew what happened, the hawk swung toward the rail and disappeared with a pigeon in its talons. Now, who is the killer of small birds?

I think the bird lovers should go back to the drawing board to do another research and maybe involve cat lovers in it so the results will come out more balanced.




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