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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kibbles ‘n Bits review

By Hobo Hudson

The last review I wrote about Milk-Bone Trail Mix went very well with my fellow dogs. I’m still getting hits on our website, newsandtales.com, from dogs who want to find out something about the product. So, I thought it would be a good idea to write another review, this time about the dry dog food I eat daily.

I’m a Kibble ‘n Bits lover. Yes, Del Monte Foods’ Kibble ‘n Bits, the original savory beef and chicken flavor, is my favorite chow. Well, I’m exaggerating a little here. First of all, I prefer steaks. No questions about that. In general, people food appeals more to me because it has a better texture and bite to it and is just more succulent. Next, I’d rather eat dog treats than regular dog food and last but not least, I steal Blondie’s cat food whenever I can.  

Nevertheless, because Mom is constantly on my back to follow a healthy diet, I always finish my bowl of dog food to make her happy. Now, my penchant for a particular dog food becomes murky. I really used to be partial to one of Hannaford’s dog food brand which consisted of kibbles and other morsels. I don’t remember the name of it, but it was sooo good. Especially, the kibbles were out of this world. Big, long and round and with a creamy color, they tasted like buttery candy, and I always let Mom pick out a few extras to put in my bowl on top of the rest. 

Since there were already less kibbles than morsels in a bag, I constantly ran out of them before I emptied the whole bag. I finally wrote a letter to the company asking them to add more kibbles to the product. The people at headquarters sent me a nice reply about taking my request under consideration, and a few months later, I was sure I could find more kibbles among the other morsels.

However, not long thereafter, the company discontinued selling my beloved dog food, and because it resembled Kibble ‘n Bits, I switched over to it. I instantly liked Kibble ‘n Bits’ different shapes of bits and their taste and crunch. The kibbles, though, were disappointing. While I’ve gotten used to them by now, they do not compare in any way to the kibbles of Hannaford’s brand. They are too small, their color blends in with the other morsels and their flavor is ordinary.

All in all, Kibble ‘n Bits is a great product, and I like it better than some other dog food I’ve tried. Even Blondie has approved of it which says a lot since cats are very finicky eaters. My best friend, Max, always makes sure I serve him a big bowl full of Kibble ‘n Bits when he comes to visit me, and then he chomps them down with a blissful look on his face. 




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