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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doggy Humor: I’m going to be a godfather

By Hobo Hudson

Mabel, a little birdie friend of mine, fluttered by a month or so ago and excitedly tweeted at me that she was pregnant and due to lay her eggs in a few days and asked if I would be her babies’ godfather. I felt this was quite an honor and was happy to accept the responsibility.

Immediately, I began to look around our yard for small twigs, bits of string and similar items for her to use in building her nest. I would have been happy to help her build it, but I’m not really good at climbing trees, and so I left that part to her.

This morning, she told me that the eggs are due to hatch any time now, and she would introduce them to me as soon as they grow some feathers and could fly. I asked if I could help out by bringing her some birdseed, worms, etc. so that she wouldn’t have to work so hard finding food for her babies. She thanked me for the offer but felt that it would be better to set an example for them by bringing all the food herself. She did say, however, that as soon as her babies learned to fly she would show them where my cafeteria is in the back yard and would also teach them to greet me with a cheerful song in the mornings.

I have a feeling I’m going to be very proud of my godchildren with a mother like Mabel rearing them.




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